1000 Acre Dog Park - Day Trip

If you have a dog and enjoy walking, bundle up and head out to the 1000 Acre Dog Park in Troutdale. This enormous canine playground is entirely off-leash and filled with happy dogs and people, especially on the weekend.

Aptly nicknamed 1000 Acres, the Sandy River Delta Park feels that large in size. Well-traveled trails lead to the Sandy River, through grasslands, and on wooded hikes. Dogs with giant grins are running around everywhere - it's truly a dog paradise and it's a pleasure to witness such happiness. The people are social and talkative  so if your parents love talking to strangers, this is a great place to take them to "talk it out."

The park is a short 20 minute trip from town on I-84; here is the park map. There are large parking lots that fill up by noon on the weekends. Small wood posts guide you inside the park, but if you get lost, just ask someone.

The scenery is quite lovely even in the wintertime. Be sure to wear water-resistant shoes and an extra layer of clothing as the river basin can make the weather colder and wetter than in the city.

My awesome dog in the distance 

Fun Portland game: count the Subarus and Priuses in the parking lot!

We especially enjoy going to the river to watch goofy labs and golden retrievers get happy in the water (as seen in the first pic of this post). The closest beach access is circled on the map below. Generally you can just follow other people to the river, but it's a good idea to map it out on your phone, too.

Getting caught in the rain at the river. Be sure to check the weather!

There is also a large circular trail that covers most of the park, as well as a central meeting area. Have a great time! Your dog will thank you!

Central area to meet and greet

Unique wintertime nature in full display


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