Breakfast & Shopping & Sweet Treats on NW 23rd Ave - NW

Upscale NW 23rd is meant to be walked and has something for everyone: coffee, snacks, boutiques galore, and people watching. Walking this famous Portland street is a great rainy day activity that only takes an hour or two. This 18-block walk starts with the best breakfast in town and ends with getting steaks for dinner at Zupan's.

Start your day off with this map and a trip to at Besaw's at their new location in Slabtown. This cozy restaurant has been serving up iconic breakfast dishes since 1903. Lunch is great, too, but breakfast is the star here. No reservations are accepted. Do NOT go on a weekend morning unless you enjoy 1-2 hour waits.

If Besaw's wait line is unbearable, walk a few blocks up to another Portland breakfast landmark, the Stepping Stone, where they serve up huge breakfast plates in a funky cafe setting. Their omelets are great and non-greasy (which is kind of a rarity). You'll also see funky stuff hanging from the ceiling.

After filling up your tanks with food and caffeine, head down the street towards the various shops. I recommend Manor for random browsing, Lush to indulge the senses, Kitchen Kaboodle for creative cooking ideas, and the Paper Source for ooh'ing and ahh'ing.

Non-IKEA furniture and decor
Lush all-natural soaps and cosmetics
Do these shops seem too girly for the guys in your family? There are a couple of bars and even a medical marijuana dispensary on NW 23rd. Papa Haydn's has a swank little bar on the side of their restaurant.

Paper Source, a feast for the eyes
Do not read this if your parents are not well-to-do because it will make you sad, but right across the street is a Prana store where sometimes generous mothers will buy their daughters a chic, comfy, $100 sweatshirt to ward off the Portland chills.

This could be you!
As you get near Burnside, head a half block north to Twist, a fabulous jewelry store that offers high-end, independent jewelry. Even if you don't wear so much jewelry, you'll still appreciate the works of fine craftsmanship that this large and warm store proudly displays.

Lots to see and lust for at Twist
While the ladies fawn over expensive trinkets, the guys can head to Zupan's to pick up some steaks for dinner. Zupan's is known for its excellent quality meat and fish.

Red meat fest

Did you work up an appetite for a snack yet? You have two optoins. Check out Elephant's Delicatessen on NW 22nd for great cheese, wine, and olives that can be consumed in a little eating area. 
Ahhh, Elepant's
A snacking area
Or! You can check out Salt & Straw, which is Portland's most famous ice cream parlor and offers free samples...if you are willing to stand in the line. Luckily, the long lines are mostly limited to summer months.

The flavors are crazy and fun. Super rich cream ensures they are all delicious.

That's it! You are now free to walk back to your car and drive home to start dinner. Enjoy!


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