Walk the Waterfront Loop + Hot Tea at the Lan Su Chinese Garden - Downtown

Do your parents like to walk and/or you enjoy tiring them out? Great! They'll love this beautiful tour of the Portland waterfront that ends with a hot cup of tea in the unforgettable Lan Su Chinese Garden. Here's your map.

There is metered parking on the blocks that line the waterfront, so go ahead and park as close to the Steel Bridge as you can. You may want to bring an umbrella for this walk since you will not be near your car.

If you've never done this waterfront loop before, you are in for a treat. The loop features a nice, wide sidewalk that runs along both sides of the river. You can cross at any bridge at any time. For this trip, you may want to cross over the Burnside Bridge.

You get some fantastic views of Portland's famous bridges
Since the Esplanade walk is a convenient loop, you end up back where you started, hopefully near the Chinese Gardens.

Cast away your fears of the Lan Su Chinese Garden being a gimmicky and boring tourist trap: it's one of the city's most hidden gems and is rarely crowded because of the $10 admission fee. There is an authentic tea room located here, which allows you to linger on the grounds while being warmed by freshly brewed hot tea or sake. It's the great way to spend an afternoon, especially on a weekday.

The Teahouse
The tearoom is a great way to deepen the experience of the Garden (ie, get more for your admission fee). Inside, you can purchase a pot of tea, hot sake, wine, or even flights of tea while you gaze upon the grounds and people-watch. The tea is from Portland's own Tao of Tea and is served in lovely ceramic ware. Here is a sample of their tea flight menu:


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I haven't been here but I definitely want to go now looking at the tea flights! Adding to my list, thanks! :)

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Richard C. Lambert said...
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