Distillery Row Tastings + Dinner at Veritable Quandary's Private Wine Cellar - SE/Downtown

Work up an appetite by touring and tasting at three Portland distilleries, then end the day with a quick jump across the Hawethorne Bridge to Veritable Quandary. This charming restaurant has a private wine room where you can dine away from the noise of the restaurant, which is especially great if your parents are hard-of-hearing.

There are two things you must make note of before planning this outing: 1) the distilleries only allow walk-in tastings on the weekends and 2) you must make a reservation for the wine cellar at Veritable Quandary!

Sorry, I just had to get that out of the way for those of you who do not read closely.

There are actually five distilleries that are part of "Distillery Row," but the three on this map are very close to each other. Here is what to expect from each:

After a little bit of afternoon boozing, everyone should be feeling hungry, so head on over the bridge to Veritable Quandary. Here's a map

Even if you did not go the extra mile to make a reservation for the wine cellar, VQ is still a fabulous place to eat with classic NW dishes that are expertly prepared and presented.

Hello, dinner
If you are on a budget, you will be thankful that you did your drinking before dinner because it's easy to splurge here on wine as their selections are outstanding. Bon appetit!


swifttty said...

I have never visited there but surely visit there and willing to see this type of distillery although I have visited spirit works distillery and California and I found it the best from all!

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