Distillery Row Tastings + Dinner at Afuri - SE

Work up an appetite by tasting at three Portland distilleries, then end the day with dinner at Portland's ramen hotspot, Afuri (reservations not required). There are skewers and dumplings for parents who do not have adventuring palates, and the meal served in a setting that they will not forget.

There are actually five distilleries that are part of "Distillery Row," but the three on this map are very close to each other. Here is what to expect from each:

After a little bit of afternoon boozing, everyone should be feeling hungry, so head down the street to Afuri. Afuri is set in a converted warehouse with huge wood ceiling beams. It is very open and West Coast trendy. 

Hello, dinner.
The ramen is full of authentic touches and unique flavors. The Gyoza Dumplings and chicken skewers are pleasers for all palates. Fear not! 


swifttty said...

I have never visited there but surely visit there and willing to see this type of distillery although I have visited spirit works distillery and California and I found it the best from all!

Wenni Donna said...

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