Breakfast + Wine Shopping in Multnomah Village - SW

Multnomah Village is an adorable neighborhood that is filled with good-looking, friendly yuppies and their well-dressed babies. It's a bit south of town, but worth the trip to eat breakfast at Marco's Cafe, go wine shopping at John's market, and window shop as you stroll through the quaint downtown. Here's your map.

Marco's Cafe has an entire menu section devoted to Eggs Benedict. Their coffee is outstanding, which is good news because you'll be drinking some as you wait in line. Inside, the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. Everyone leaves here satisfied.

After breakfast you can walk the small shops that line the main street. Here you'll find small galleries and one-off stores that sell a single product like finger paint. It is like going back to a time before big box stores took over.

The best part of this trip is going to John's Market to go beer and wine shopping. Do this part last so that you are not carrying around bottles as you breakfast or window shop. This place does not look like much from the outside:

But inside there is an outstanding selection of wine, all carefully marked with notes and ratings. The prices are great, too.

This picture does not do the place justice

If you are sick of drinking Ninkasi, Widmer, Hop Works, and the other beers that dominate the taps and stores of Portland, you'll find a fantastic variety of beers from all over the West Coast here.

Heh heh
Now you can go home and put those bad boys in the fridge for an early happy hour before dinner.


Erin said...

Great suggestion! No parents visiting, but I might have to go check out Multnomah Village this weekend. I need a change of scenery, I think.

Amy M. said...

It's far enough way to feel like you are out of town. Hope you had a good time!

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