Bonneville Dam + Bonneville Hot Springs Resort - Archived / Closed

Unfortunately this resort is now private and closed to the public. If you're sick of being in town and want to do something different, head east on I-84 to the Bonneville Dam to witness the awesome spectacle of electricity being generated by water, then hop over the Bridge of the Gods to Bonneville Resort, which has pools and tubs filled with natural mineral water. You'll leave feeling terrific!

It takes about an hour to get to the Bonneville Dam in the rainy season. Here's a map. If you've already been west on I-84 to visit Multnomah Falls, you can drive across the river to take WA-14, which provides a more scenic drive at a slower pace. Here is a map for that route. 

Boom! Water. It's what powers the state of Oregon
You'll know you are in the right place when you see the Army Corps of Engineers building. Unfortunately the guided tours are only available during warm weather months, but you can still find plenty of resources to self-educate inside.

The famous fish ladder
Next, you are headed north across the Bridge of the Gods to go to the Bonneville Hot Springs Resort. This little-known resort has a full bar, full menu, full accommodations, full spa service menu, and beautiful pools filled with natural mineral water.

Inside there's classic NW lodge decor
If you can go on a weekday, you'll enjoy discounted prices for pool use, as well as pretty much having the place to yourself. It's lovely to sit in the hot tub and jump in the pool for a few hours, then to eat a giant sandwich at the restaurant just yards away. 

Wanting to stay the night? There are discounted rates in the wintertime, with some rooms being as low as $169 on the weekdays. You can read more about the accomodations here. Enjoy!


Cheryl said...

We are doing this tomorrow, thanks to you! What a great idea!

Amy M. said...

Cool! It's super relaxing, and you'll probably have the pool to yourself on a weekday. Enjoy!

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