Wine Tasting in SW Washington + Maryhill Museum of Art + a Night in Hood River - Day Trip

If you have the time and money, plan an afternoon of wine tasting followed by a a night in Hood River. Located just 60 miles west of Portland, Hood River offers a small-town vibe crossed with "this is what it must feel like to be a rich person on vacation in Aspen" feeling. The downtown is adorable and filled with boutiques and quaint restaurants. Full Sail Brewery is also located here and a fun place to visit.

Drive out to Hood River and check into your hotel or B&B. Here's your map. You should make a reservation a week or so in advance, of course.

If you are doing this trip on the cheap, Hood River's Chamber of Commerce conveniently runs lodging specials on the website, which is also packed full with recommended sights and activities. The historic Columbia Gorge Hotel is also a favorite spot for parents, though you might prefer the woodsy charm of a B&B such as Sakura Ridge (pictured below) where your breakfast is made from eggs fresh from the coop.

Large and historic or....
Rustic and in the country
After you've checked in, head back to the car for a 45 minute trip to Goldendale, Washington where Maryhill Winery is located. This might seem like an overly long drive, but the scenery is dramatic and Maryhill is arguably the best wine in SW Washington. In fact, it received the Best Winery of the Year Award in 2009.
Bald, rolling hills all around
The tasting room
There is even a free wine flight here, which is uncommon these days. For only $5 more, you can purchase their Special Reserve Flight.

Right down the road is the Maryhill Museum of Art. This stately museum is set against a beautiful backdrop of the Gorge and is home to many prestigious permanent collections of sculpture, paintings, chess sets, and more.

An oil painting of the Columbia River
You can also stop at wineries on your way back to Hood River, including Jacob William Winery and Cascade Cliffs Winery, both located on WA-14. Here's a map. In town, you should also stop at the Naked Winery on 2nd Street as the tasting room is colorful and the "naked" theme is fun.

Not getting naked with your parents
Afterwards, there are plenty of places to eat and drink in town, including the Full Sail Brewery. For dinner, check out Brian's Pourhouse for a nice selection of fish, pastas, and American entrees.



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