Powell's + Chocolate Shots + Cargo + Deschutes - W Burnside

No trip to Portland would be complete without a trip to Powell's City of Books. This daytime outing starts at Powell's, recharges your battery with liquid chocolate shots at Cacao, delights the senses at Cargo in the Pearl, and ends with a square meal and a beer at Deschutes. These places are within four blocks of each other and can be walked to.

Even if your guests are not confirmed readers, you'll still have a great time visiting this colorful bookstore that occupies an entire city block. Plus, if your parents are early risers, Powell's opens at 9 AM every single day (which is approximately two hours before the rest of Portland wakes up).

The fact that Powell's offers maps to navigate the store should tell you something about the size of this place, which includes nine color-coded rooms organized by subject matter. The staff is very friendly and does a wonderful job of keeping the shelves arranged with books of interest facing forward. 

After you've had your fill of Powell, follow this map to Cacao where you can buy shots of "drinking chocolate." Moonstruck does something similar, but Cacao really has perfected liquid chocolate. You'll have your choice of three selections, each with unique flavor notes such as cinnamon and clove.

Feeling revived? Good, because you are now headed to Cargo in the Pearl. Cargo is a feast for your rain-stained eyes with its enormous showroom of trinkets, antique furniture, greeting cards, Chinese banners, jewelry, folk art, and imported objects that are both ridiculous and sublime. In the wintertime, Cargo's ultra-colorful wares will infuse your soul with warmth, even if you are just browsing. 

This independent store is located in the Pearl, and you can't miss it as the outside is festively decorated with lantern chains all year round. As soon as you walk through the doors, you'll realize that the store is bigger than you expected and much more amazing. You'll instantly get the urge to touch everything.

By now the guys in your group might be whining, so head on over to Deschutes Brewery on NW 11th. The Deschutes Portland Public House also offers a classic NW lodge feel in the Pearl, an area of town that parents also love. It's a win-win. Take them there for a beer or three and a sandwich.

Did you know that all parents enjoy Mirror Pond? They do. Unlike IPAs which parents' palates cannot tolerate, Mirror Pond is a craft beer that parents can get down with. You can see tanks of it through giant windows.

The Public House is great. They have 18 (eighteen) beers on tap, as well as their own brew tanks that are visible through large glass windows. Here's their happy hour menu.


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