Oregon Historical Society + Higgins - Downtown


This impressive museum is a great way to tickle your dad's love of history while also showcasing some fascinating features of modern Oregon. The Oregon Historical Society has rotating exhibits and costs $11.00 for admission. Continue to impress with a dinner at Higgins afterwards - on the same block!

Tip: OHS is open Mon-Sat until 5 PM. Plan to go late and then have an early dinner at Higgins. Be sure to make a reservation!

I personally know a scary amount of East Coasters who believe that Portland is a small city that located on the coast. That's right, your beloved town is a big zero on most people's radar. The OHS museum gives you a chance to, at least, show your parents some amazing facts about Portland and the state.

Inside the museum you'll discover:
  • Shelter from the rain
  • Things to point at in unison
  • Fascinating, beautifully presented exhibits
  • A Genealogy Library
  • Artifacts from Oregon's pioneer days 
Since the snow prevents travel to some of Oregon's most remarkable natural landmarks like Mt. Hood and Crater Lake, the Oregon Historical Society allows you to brag about these beauties from afar.

Next up: Higgins. Be sure to make a reservation! This place is a Portland landmark. It has been here for decades and is well known for its NW flavors, seafood, and garden-grown flourishes. The atmosphere is upscale, but no one will shame you for wearing jeans. Higgins impresses all parents. Guaranteed. 

One of the more formal dining areas. White tablecloths.


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