OMSI & OMSI After Dark - SE

Sure, it's more fun to go here with your stoner friends, but OMSI is a wonderful museum and a great place to wander around for a few hours during the day. OMSI offers a unique feature: you can still be with your parents here but not having to entertain them the whole time. Instead, everyone can drift off and get lost in their own thoughts or listen to audio guides via headphones.

Once a month, OMSI hosts a child-free night where they offer snacks and beer and wine, along with interesting booths and exhibits about the science behind foods, games, gadgets, etc. You can cruise around with a glass of wine and see the current exhibits, too. Make a reservation in advance by clicking here.

OMSI After Dark is a great activity for any out-of-town guest as you will have plenty to talk about as you interact with different exhibits, plus it's a lot more memorable activity than drinking at a bar.