Crab Feast at Home - Anywhere

Safeway and Fred Meyer's have sales on Alaskan King Crab and local crab frequently during the winter. If your parents are not from the NW, they'll flip out for crab legs that cost $35 a plate at a restaurant back home. The crab legs come pre-cooked when you buy them in the store, but serving them at home is an adventure in itself and eating them is silly, messy fun.

Buy metal crab crackers, crab legs, butter for melting, and a mega-pack of paper towels at the store. At home, all you need to do is reheat the crab legs in the oven or boil them. Now it's crackin' time! It is great fun watching everyone make an absolute fool of themselves as they mangle and pry at the legs to get at the sweet, sweet meat inside.

Butter. Be prepared to eat a lot of it
Eating crab legs at home takes the pressure off to be proper while you crush exoskeletons and slather your hands in crab juice, and you will enjoy watching your family act like a bunch of animals. It's memorable for everyone. If you can pry yourself away from cracking out on crab, take a photo mid-meal because you'll all laugh about it for years to come. Also, be sure to drink plenty of wine so that cleaning up is not a chore.

One last word of advice: don't skimp when buying. Family feuds over that last crab leg can be ugly.